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After two years of getting a discount on his fast-food order, this Florida man was arrested for impersonating a DEA agent. Police say David Stover was a regular at that Wendy’s where his friend would hook him up with a discount. But when his friend left, he started claiming he was a law enforcement officer. After the employee’s started questioning him, he started arguing with the staff demanding a discount.

The manager told investigators that the man would often tell workers he was an undercover DEA agent and would occasionally flash a badge when asked for proof. At first he denied claiming being a DEA agent to police, but later admitting to showing his concealed carry permit badge. He has been charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer.

See his mug shot HERE



Tampa Healthy Fast Food Options

  • EVOS

    Located in both St. Pete and Tampa, EVOS offers bowls with a rice base, protein and veggies. You’re also able to grab a salads, wraps and burgers. They offer naturally raised beef, poultry and salmon. The best of all they do offer fries that are air baked instead of deep fried, which means 60% less fat and calories.

  • Taco Dirty

    With location in both St. Pete and Tampa, Taco Dirty offers vegan, non-gluten friendly options for everyone. They mostly use antibiotic and hormone free meats. You have to try their tacos, to sweeten the deal… you can grab their tacos for $2 on Tuesdays and weekends.

  • Pacific Counter

    Located close to downtown St. Pete, Pacific Counter offers delicious poke bowls, sushi burritos with all the proteins your heart desires. You can order fresh items such as spicy tuna, shrimp, tofu and mix it with all the topping and sauces you request. There’s also some crazy hot dogs on the menu that you’ll have to try.


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