– A jury has awarded $17 million to the widow of a pedestrian who was killed by a drunk driver on Bayshore Blvd. in January of 2020. George Gage was killed by Benjamin Ehas after he admitted he had been drinking and driving while working for Pinch A Penny South Tampa Pool Supplies.”George never imagined in a million years that he would be killed by a drunk driver on his Bayshore Blvd,” one friend said during a memorial several days after Ehas lost control of the work truck and hopped the curb. In a lawsuit filed on behalf of Gage’s estate and his widow, Susan, lawyers argued there was negligence among the company and owner John Burek that legally caused Gage’s death.
The jury agreed with the suit’s claims that the company knew about the driver’s substance abuse problems and didn’t do enough about it.

The jury found she was owed $17 million for the loss of his companionship and pain and suffering.