Six months ago the tragedy of Astroworld left 10 dead due to a crowd surge. Since the horrific event, Travis Scott has been keeping a low profile and has only performed during private intimate gatherings. He will be performing on a large stage for the first time since the tragedy in May at the E11even nightclub in Miami and later headlining Primavera Sound in November in Chile. Since he is returning to the stage, TMZ caught up with music icon T-Pain on his thoughts of La Flame making a comeback.

“You can’t really say if he just took time,” said T-Pain. “You gotta give him a chance to prove himself. You gotta like, let him do something. Beef up security or beef up the measures for all that stuff. It’s not something that can just be told by time. Lot of people go to jail for a long ass time, get right back out, [then] do the same sh*t they was in jail for.”

“Of course, he’s gonna show and prove,” the music icon continued. “I got faith in him, man. I know where his heart is. He’ll be good. He got it.”

Take a look at the clip below: