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Three American’s were found dead at a resort in the Bahamas and the families are demanding answers.

Just yesterday they I.D.’d one person, an Alabama man as one of the people who died mysteriously at the Sandals Bahamas resort. One hotel guest speculated that it could potentially be a faulty air conditioner responsible for the fatalities.

Chris Coucheron-Aamot who was staying at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort wrote online that “it sounds like it may have been a fault with the a/c” causing a toxic coolant leak. It was hard to sleep last night, every time the a/c came on, I woke up.”

Air conditioners Freon which is a chemical that’s an odorless gas which can cut off vital oxygen to cells and lungs if inhaled.

The couple was celebrating their anniversary but the night before they passed away the couple reported not feeling well and went to the doctor on resort property to get medical help. The next morning they were dead.

Austin Chiarella described the horrific scene and said, “Her legs and arms was swollen and she couldn’t move and she screamed to get someone to come in the door.”

The Bahamas acting prime minister said foul play was not suspected.