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If you were raised in Florida, chances are you learned the “Stingray Shuffle.” A family recorded a video on Friday at a Fort Myers Beach showing why you need to do the shuffle when getting into the water at the beach.

In the video below you can see more than 100 stingrays passed between the shoreline and swimmers who were standing in knee-deep water in the Gulf of Mexico. The stingrays spooked a few people who were sitting in the shallow water. So next you head to the beach, remember this story and remember to do the “Stingray Shuffle!” – Stiffy

3 Favorite Beaches to Visit in Tampa Bay

  • Clearwater Beach

    Clearwater Beach might be the very first beach you think of when you think of the Gulf Coast. That might be because been Trip Advisor’s No.1 Beach in the U.S.A. back in 2016, 2018, and 2019.

    There are also so many accessible restaurants nearby, which offer a lot of great happy hours.

  • St. Pete Beach

    Just south of Clearwater Beach is St. Pete Beach. St. Pete recently placed #5 on Trip Advisor’s list for best beaches in the world. Postcard Inn on the Beach, one of St. Pete’s most popular beach bars is a great place to grab a drink and even play some volleyball. More of a Bloody Mary person? You might want to check out Rick’s Reef and their Bloody Mary bar.

  • Indian Rocks Beach

    Indian Rocks Beach gives off much more of a local vibe. The traffic isn’t as bad as Clearwater Beach or St. Pete Beach gets, and they even have a Crabby Bill’s location.

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