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An Orlando area man was arrested after police say he cut his wife’s throat and then watched her die slowly as he played her favorite music. It’s also being reported that he tried to clean up the scene. The Altamonte Springs Police said that Xichen Yang was arrested on a first degree murder charge.

It all started when police got a call from Yang’s boss who told them that Yang told his son that he had just stabbed and killed his wife. Police entered the scene and found the victim in the bathtub with a deep slash in her neck and was pronounced dead on the scene. The police then entered the hallway where they found rubber gloves and cleaning solution.

According to the arrest report, Yang told police he cut his wife’s neck with a knife and she tried to crawl away towards a door. He then put her in the bathtub and began playing her favorite music and held her hand for about 10 minutes until she died. When he was asked why didn’t he stop Yang responded “it’s not how I was raised.”

Yang was taken to the Seminole County Jail on no bond.


7 Things To Know About Florida's New Noise in Cars Law

  • #1: The 25 feet rule.

    If someone 25 feet away can hear the music you have cranked up, you could get cited.

  • #2: Quiet zones.

    This law is specific to areas near homes, churches, schools and hospitals.

  • #3: Exemptions.

    If you’re a cop, fire truck or ambulance driver, you’re off the hook.

  • #4: Even if you're moving...

    It’s considered a nonmoving violation so your insurance rates won’t go up.

  • #5: It's not just music.

    They say even cell phone conversations could count just like a car radio, tape player, or compact disc player. Wait. Tape player? What year is this!?

  • #6: Enforcement begins soon.

    Looks like some agencies are ready to enforce… Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says they’re starting July 1.

  • #7: This law was done away with years ago.

    A decade ago this law was deemed unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court.  Will this bring on a new lawsuit? Time will tell.