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Have you seen this story yet? It’s crazy because this man is from right here in our backyard. WFLA tells us that Kermon Williams paid James and Japhre Higgs with drugs and money to Kill Tywan Armstrong on September of 2018 but he survived due to the rifle gettin jammed. According to a court testimony, Williams was upset and told his now co-defendants to make sure they killed Armstrong in the public to send a message to the streets. Sadly that did happen. According to the DOJ, James and Jhapre Higgs killed not only Armstrong but another man who was in the car with him. They fired into his car in front of a large crowd at a St.Pete gas station on MLK day in 2019. Three men have now been convicted and they include Kermon Williams and the men he paid, James and Japhre Higgs. Each suspect face’s a minimum of 20 years up to a maximum of life in federal prison for their crimes.
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