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Do you enjoy riding around in your car listening to your favorite music? Well, you better make sure it’s not too loud because you could get a huge ticket!

There’s a new Florida law that will allow police officers to cite drivers if their music is way too loud.

Ever pulled up to a car that was blasting their music at the stop light with the bass so loud it was shaking the car? Well, starting July 1 officers will be cracking down on those drivers giving them a citation up to $114.

The new law states that drivers can not amplify the car stereo to a point where it is considered plainly audible from 25 feet away or more. If officers find you’ve done this they can issue issue a citation of up to $114.

The rules are even stricter when the car is near a residential area, churches, and hospitals but don’t worry, if you love your car horn you won’t be in trouble.


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