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Woah! What would you do in this situation?

We spoke to a woman from St. Petersburg, Florida named Amber Jackson about a scary situation on vacation in Tulum, Mexico which made her feel she might be sex trafficked or robbed!

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She was checking into her Airbnb she rented with her girlfriends when she noticed what looked like blood on the front gate. After asking the concierge team about it they assured her it was just paint, but Jackson wasn’t so quick to believe them.

That wasn’t the only strange thing that they noticed while staying at the vacation house. Once inside, Jackson noticed the keypads were not set for the rooms, essentially this would give anyone access to their rooms at anytime. Jackson reconfigured the keypad herself and felt more comfortable so they went out to have fun with her friends.

After going out they decided to head back home and that’s when they found a strange man standing outside the home claiming to be security. At that point, they had already been been there for three days and never once saw security any other evening.

Jackson immediately called the homeowner and concierge team but no one answered all night. The women were so scared they protected themselves with knives as they slept. The next morning they got their stuff together and checked out early.

It wasn’t until Jackson contacted Airbnb directly that she finally heard back from the homeowner who only offered her a $67 refund when the total was $3671.65. Jackson then posted a bad review about the house on Airbnb but noticed her review was deleted.

She wants to warn anyone else who is thinking of staying in the house and she fears she could have been a sex-trafficking victim and wants others to be aware.

After Jackson posted her story online several other women have come forward with similar stories after staying at the same house! The homeowner has now changed their name and profile picture on Airbnb to run away from the multiple bad reviews.


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