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If you enjoy riding in your whip with the windows down while blasting music, you might want to rethink that. A new law that started on July 1st states that if you’re blasting your music too loud, police can issue you a $116 ticket.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, in Florida, if you are caught playing loud music from your vehicle, will it get you pulled over & will get a ticket if police can hear your music from 25ft away so be careful in the streets bumping WiLD 94.1. The new law has stricter rules when it comes to vehicles blasting music near residential areas, churches, schools and hospitals. In those cases, the 25ft rule doesn’t apply, which means an officer can pull you over in those areas if they believe that your music is too loud.

It’s a very popular trend for young Florida drivers to hook up a sweet bass system to their car, and drive around town making sure everybody can hear their music. But starting this month that will come to an end. How many times have you pulled up to a stoplight and your car was shaking from the bass in the car next to you? A lot of people think this new law is a good thing because it’s often that drivers are distracted by loud music that they can’t hear emergency vehicles approaching. If you love laying on your horn, you should be okay. Car horns or honking sounds, are considered lawful warning devices.

The Supreme Court actually found a similar law unconstitutional back in 2012, because it exempts political and commercial vehicles from being fined. But this new Florida law doesn’t have any exemptions, so I would expect it to stay around for a while.

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