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Davy, leans on his kettle chips, for the ASMR sensation, they're seeking.

ASMR Makes It To The Freakshow

After watching Tampa Bay teen, Makenna Kelly’s YouTube page “Life With Mak”, Orlando became obsessed with the fascination and somehow roped Davy and Meredith into joining the experiment.  Equipped with snacks, beverages etc., the morning show did as they normally do, and leapt before they learned. Who has time to actually learn? Actually it’s a quick lesson.  ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is simply the tingles, when you dumb it down.  People from all over use these videos, and especially the audio, for relief from anxiety, depression, and a method to de-stress.  This can be derived from whispers, tapping of fingertips, and rubbing different cloths and materials so the sound is soothing.  Some even credit repetitive rhythms, as a trigger, for this graduated stage of goosebumps.  Now how does this translate to the morning show and doing an actual broadcast? That’s the challenge.

We Need An ASMR Trainer

Successful ASMR providers, like ‘Mak’, use any sound.  Bedsheets, cardboard packaging, food items and even her well-manicured nails to tap right into your brain and down your spine.  The Freakshow walked in with chicken salad, fizzy sparkling water, chips, crackers and a bunch of conversation, that seems to be the hardest part of making this a success. It’s safe to say that this is NOT likely to assist many, but you may get a chuckle instead of a tingle.  When Makenna became interested in trying this, her parents were in the dark, like us.  After finding it harmless, they allowed it and it exploded to 1.6 million subscribers. Actually 1.6 million +1, as we said, Orlando is fascinated. Wonder if mom & dad will let her coach us because we’re not good! Maybe like a mentor on The ASMR Voice or ASMR Idol? It’s a thought. As for now, enjoy our fail.