10:00am- 3:00pm

Florida Highway Patrol tell’s us that a 6-month-old girl was killed during a crash that happened in Pasco County this morning.Thursday morning, Peralta Ramirez was driving his tractor trailer in the outer southbound lane of I-75 in Pasco County when he crashed with a Ford Ffusion. The Ford Fusion was actually on the side of I-75 when it was hit, because the driver was checking a flat tire. After Ramirez hit the fusion, he decided to keep going. His tractor trailer became disabled so he eventually had to pull over and that’s when cops arrested him. Ramirez was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.Sadly the crashed killed A 6-month-old baby girl and also caused minor injuries to two other children. Florida highway patrol says that none of the kids were in car seats. The person driving the Ford Fusion suffered minor injuries.

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