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We’ve heard this debate time and time again. If a man is out with his girl and her friends, should he cover the entire tab? I say no, but the woman in this video believes that her man should absolutely do just that. In my opinion she is acting very ridiculous especially since she is with about 18 people. Have you ever been in this situation? I mean I’ve went out with my man and maybe one other girl. Of course he covered both of our tabs, but I doubt he would even want to do that if I was with 18 other people. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually left her after this incident. How do you feel about this situation? Do you think that her man should pay for her and her entire group of friends? Is he obligated as a “Man” or are you with me and think that she is being absolutely ridiculous. Leave a comment on the post! See the video below.

Tampa Bay Area Restaurants Featured On Food Paradise

If you’re looking for a place that takes you to “paradise” you’ve stumbled upon the right list! The Travel Channel‘s Food Paradise traveled the U.S. looking for the best of the best and they stopped in the Tampa Bay area quite a bit.

The website has put together a  complete directory of all the restaurants that have appeared on some of the Travel Channel’s most popular shows.

So we decided to highlight the stops Food Paradise hit up.

Check out the list of Tampa Bay area restaurants featured on the show and be sure to add them to your list of must stop places.