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OnlyFans model Iara Ferreira tells us that she was kicked out of a Miami grocery store for being too hot! She didn’t say which store it was, so were not sure if it was one of the big ones or a local bodega. It was most likely a smaller one because she says she was the only one inside, also Walmart would never kick anyone out for their appearance. According to the New York post, “she was shopping in Miami when a supermarket employee approached her and asked the content creator to leave the store. She claimed he recognized her from her OnlyFans model account, and he assumed she would be showing off in the store and filming it.” The employee was also from Brazil, which is why he said he recognized her. Ferreira says that she was not wearing anything to scandalous, but just the normal revealing clothes that she normally wears. She is really hot! Check out her Instagram photos below

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