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29-year-old Melissa McNutt might not look like a cold-blooded killer but she absolutely is especially after you find out what she did to a random man back in 2018.

McNutt was driving in Ybor City Sep. 30, 2018 when she lured the victim, Justin Heilig who was a complete stranger, to her car and drove him to his death.

Just before Heilig was picked up he posted a photo of himself on Facebook with the caption “Late nights with a selfie.” Unfortunately, hours later he was dead.

So, what did McNutt do to the victim? After picking him up she robbed, stabbed and shot him dropping him off in Hyde Park leaving him there to die. Home surveillance cameras showed Heilig begging for help while banging on doors in the neighborhood before he died from his injuries.

How did McNutt get caught? She accidentally left her Pandora bracelet and a bloody knife with her DNA on it at the crime scene.

She took a plea deal and got 30 years in prison, followed by 10 years of probation.