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Mega Millions Isn’t For Mega Stars?

Hip Hop stars are being attacked over their Mega Millions tickets for tonight’s drawing.  Every one of us dreams of winning the big jackpot.  1.1 billion dollars is the estimate. Who wouldn’t have that dream?  Every office, friends group, church choir, book club and spin class is putting money together to buy tickets.  It’s part of the excitement.  Apparently fans are roasting stars for doing the same.  Driving a Bentley, or wearing $600k ,in jewelry, means that you aren’t allowed to take part in the lottery process.  This is what the public is hurling at celebs who dare show their stash of tickets.  Our Beasley CEO just told us, in our zoom meeting, “I gotta go buy tickets!”  Afterward, no one booed or threw things at their computer.  In addition, her last name is on the building and on every paycheck.  Should we really care?

Internet Not Happy With DJ Khaled and QC Honcho P

When showing off their Mega Millions ticket stash, DJ Khaled and Quality Control CEO Pee Thomas have received the most insane backlash, for simply joining in on the biggest story of the year.  Fans, who watch P gift his artists, like Lil Baby and Migos the best diamonds and cars, believe he shouldn’t be participating in tonight’s drawing.  One commenter replied, “why try and hoard wealth from everyday Americans?”  DJ Khaled yells “we the best” and points out God’s favor for him on nearly every post, for social media. Does that mean he can’t go out and grab a few hundred tickets, so he can maybe win for his family?  The venom flying at these two hip hop personalities is thick and growing. A person with a million cant want 3 more?  I really hate it here!

Khaled is loved many, until he showed these tickets off, for the followers!

P was also well liked until he posted his tickets too.


DJ Khaled Plays Guitar Horribly, Gets Destroyed On Twitter

DJ Khaled might just have to stick to being a hypeman.

The Grammy-winning producer is getting trolled on Twitter for his guitar “skills” after being gifted a unique guitar.

The Major Key producer received a Guild A-20 Bob Marley Dreadnought acoustic guitar from the family of the late reggae icon, per LoudWire, and unfortunately, his guitar playing skills are not doing the instrument justice.

See how fans are responding to DJ Khaled’s guitar skills: