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This is a wonderful thing and I will be first in line! Flatwoods Marathon located at 17519 Bruce B. Downs will be selling gas for $2.38 a gallon on Monday August 1. If you want to get in on this deal you will have to arrive between 2 and 3pm. Flatwoods Marathon has teamed up with “Americans for Prosperity” which is a libertarian conservative political advocacy group. This promotion will be apart of their national “The True Cost Of Washington” campaign whose goal is to ” highlight rising cost for Americans and their Businesses.” According to experts across America, gas prices have risen significantly due to Covid-19 along with other things. Back in Mid January gas was about $2.38 per gallon and now abut $4.03. So, are you going to partake in the deal at Flatwoods on August 1st? Even If you’re not, make sure you spread the word!

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The Best Apps To Find CHEAPER GAS

As we’ve all noticed and our wallets have definitely felt, the price of gas not just in Tampa but all over the United States is rising day by day, so we’re trying to hook you up with ways to save a little money.

Here are some apps that will help you find gas at a better price.

  • 3. WAZE


  • 1. GAS BUDDY