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This NFL Mess Has My Love Feeling Like Hate

I love Tom Brady but I have to be honest, there’s some hate mixed into the Kool-Aid now!  You were gonna retire, then pop up with The Dolphins and just dismiss us like that?  How can I not feel like a scorned lover?  You divorce me, for another, and then when it doesn’t pan out, come back to me, and say let’s try again?  How can that not sting?  This city embraced you, your family, your brands and you were gonna walk away from us, to go play again?  When you returned, it wasn’t for “unfinished business”?  Like I said, I love Tom Brady but this feels like the old “it’s not you – it’s me” thing that makes me feel even worse.  A deal that started at New England, and include New Orleans, and slid into our arena, as well, would’ve wrecked multiple franchises and I only see Miami catching the venom.  Is that fair?  We can’t be in our feelings a little bit?

Can Our Bucs Fans Keep That Same Energy?

When Tom Brady chose Tampa Bay it felt like getting picked in gym class, like the popular girl asked us to dance.  Leaving a dynasty and a future Hall of Fame coach, in Bill Belichick, and choosing our city made us feel like you saw some special in us.  Champa Bay has become a louder battle cry and many have been inspired to see your G.O.A.T. status solidified here. So how do we cheer as hard?  How do we send you off, into the sunset, without a side-eye?  Watching you play is amazing for football fans and for forty-somethings but Tampa fans are just as amazing.  The boat parades, the merch, the charitable efforts and we embraced you with it all.  With a huge TV deal waiting, why don’t we just agree that when this is all done, we send you off to eternal greatness being your Tampa family and not your ex side chick?  Deal?


Let’s think of a sweeter time, when we felt like the sexiest bride ever, with Tom Brady’s loving eyes on us (and Giselle)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Victory Boat Parade