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Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette wanted to do something extra special for Tom Brady’s 45th birthday so he called the very talented Cake Girl to make a special three-dimensional GOAT cake as a gift.

Goat Cake

At first, Fournette was concerned about Brady’s strict diet but he finally decided on the perfect combination of vanilla cake with buttercream icing. He specifically wanted the goat cake to be 3D so it would pop and stand out.

The Cake Girl, Kristina Lavallee and her team hand made the three-dimensional goat head with fondant, piped icing with the words “Happy 100th Birthday” on it.

Meredith spoke with Lavallee about dropping off the cake to Leonard Fournette at Bucs’ AdventHealth Training Center where the team is currently working out.

Lavallee said, “It is always fun to work with our Tampa Bay Bucs! It was such an honor to make this cake for Brady’s 45th birthday. Fournette has always been a big fan of ours and we love working with him!”

Meredith asked about the process of making the goat cake and Lavallee explained, “The cake was vanilla with buttercream and fondant decorations which is all edible. It took 4 hours to make, and the final product was a true masterpiece.”

Goat cake


Tampa Bay Area Restaurants Featured On Food Paradise

If you’re looking for a place that takes you to “paradise” you’ve stumbled upon the right list! The Travel Channel‘s Food Paradise traveled the U.S. looking for the best of the best and they stopped in the Tampa Bay area quite a bit.

The website tvfoodmaps.com has put together a  complete directory of all the restaurants that have appeared on some of the Travel Channel’s most popular shows.

So we decided to highlight the stops Food Paradise hit up.

Check out the list of Tampa Bay area restaurants featured on the show and be sure to add them to your list of must stop places.