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Davy Rolando Gets Covid

With numbers growing, in some places, covid has made it back to Orlando & The Freakshow, with Davy Rolando testing positive.  More people seem to be waiting their turn, instead of trying not to contract it.  Even Orlando is convinced that odds are that he’s next with Meredith getting it a few months ago.  Today’s diagnosis means 2 out of 3 members have gotten a positive, so O. may be correct.  If you are familiar with the show, Davy has not been overly cautious, so we were all waiting to hear from him, to see if he’s being safe and see he’s following doctor’s orders?  Hell, we probably need to start if Davy even has an actual doctor?  Luckily we were able to hear, from the horse’s mouth, regarding how he’s feeling, if he’s isolating and if he has any needs?  The attached video has all of those answers and more.

Orlando Share’s His Recommended Covid Vitamin Stash

WiLDsplash 2020 was on a Saturday and the world shut down the following Tuesday.  That day, one of the station’s close friends and record label representatives returned back to LA, and felt really ill.  You have to remember, March 2020, no one knew anything specific and panic was at a all time high.  B-dot ended up fairing badly, as Cedar-Sinai did a lot to save his life.  When Orlando was found positive months later, he received a text, from his friend, with the effective vitamin doses that were helpful when he was hospitalized.  Orlando started sharing that vitamin pack with anyone who found themselves positive, as well.  He still uses them daily, now 2 years later, as a precaution, and shared them with Davy and the audience.  We’ve listed the information here, for anyone seeking those doses and recommended brands.  Stay safe.

Orlando Screenshot

For copyright reasons, I couldn’t share the screenshots but click links, for actual products.

  • Vitamin D (D3 10,000 IU) Softgels from Carlyle (Amazon $9.99)
  • Zinc (Raw Whole Food Zinc) by Peak Perfomance (Amazon $17.95)
  • Vitamin C (Liposomal 1500mg) by Fresh Nutrition (Amazon $15.98)
  • Pulse Oximeter (later recommended) by Zacurate (Amazon $29.95)