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Not A Super fan Yet, But I’m Addicted

I get 3 nights to indulge in my guilty pleasure then it hit me that I’m addicted to Big Brother.  For fans, and “super fans”, it feels more appropriate to type “Biiiiiiig Brotherrrrr”.  If you know, you know, but for those who do not, let me share the goodness of POV competitions, HOH and backdooring housemates.  With fake storylines and overacting of TLC and Bravo shows, my reality TV hate has been well documented. However there is one show that is smart, calculated, diverse and fun.  This show is CBS Televisions Big Brother.  Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, you’ll find 16 house guests, competing to be the last one standing with $750k.  Challenges for Head of Household, Power of Veto, talking game and strategy makes it must see TV.

Reality Casting Loves Our Sunshine State

Most reality show casting find exactly who they need in our sunshine state.  Season 24, of Big Brother, tapped Alyssa Snider, from Siesta Key, Joseph Abdin of Lake Worth and Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli from Boca Raton.  My awareness began season 11 when WiLD  friend, Pinellas PE teacher and DJ Casey Turner p/k/a Mingle Mixx not only represented Tampa but snuck a few WiLD shirts along for the ride.  Last season was dominated by The Cookout alliance, with one mission, to score a win for the first black contestant, in show history. This season is seemingly ruled by The Leftovers, who are controlling the game and executing their plan well.  To succeed in this show, you have to be able to lie, discretely plot, and show out in competitions. Sometimes the show feels like an adult game of “Telephone“.