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Today Our Josep Becomes A Movie Star

Jo Koy aka Josep becomes a whole movie star as his Easter Sunday is in theaters today!  For friends and fans, this is incredible to see and well deserved.  Imagine putting out the hugely successful, hilarious Netflix special “Comin’ In Hot” and Steven Spielberg laughing his ass off, while watching.  That quickly becomes, “I just saw the funniest guy.  Can we get him to come in for a meeting?’ How many people, in Hollywood, would kill for that kind of opportunity?  Hell, people would (or have already agreed to ) join The Illuminati for the meeting alone? The to have a full film?  Unreal.  Jo loves being a dad, takes great care of his mom and family, and is a genuinely, great guy.  Jo moves the world, like this morning, to make sure his friends are ggod. He deserves today.  I repeat, Jo Koy’s Easter Sunday is in theaters today.

Always Proud Of His Culture

If you’ve seen any of his Netflix specials, Jo Koy has always made his roots part of his moment.  He’s taught us all about moving to the states, a lot about rice (lol), and about his hilarious mother, who we all collectively adore.  His special “In His Elements” took the viewer to Manilla and showcased the talents and beauty of his native land.  Today’s newest installment give an even closer look, into his family story, with the stars involved, is nothing short of incredible.  Easter Sunday stars Tia Carrere (Wayne’s World, True Lies), Tiffany Haddish (Girl’s Trip, Night School, Secret Life of Pets 2), Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers, Beerfest) along with a range of actors from Lou Diamond Phillips to Boyz II Men front man Wanya Morris.  This movie is a success story before a ticket is sold.  Congrats Jo, for your Tampa family.