10:00am- 3:00pm

Two teens are dead after a crash that happened this morning on 11th avenue in St.Petersburg. According to a police report, a teenage boy was driving an SUV when he went off the road and hit a power pole.The crash ended up killing his two teenage passengers. The 17-year-old driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at the John Hopkins All children’s hospital.
The crash is still being investigated and at the time and there are no further details. Praying for all of the victims, and I really hope this wasn’t caused by drinking and driving. Drinking and driving has killed someone close to me and I have vowed to never get behind the wheel after a night of getting intoxicated. Since Ive moved to the Tampa Bay Area I noticed that there are a lot of cases where people die because they drive the wrong way on the bridge after a night of drinking. Please call an Uber, lyft, taxi or a friend to come pick you up. It’s not worth it!

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