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Allen Russell who was sentenced to life in prison for marijuana possession has lost his appeal. This week the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that Russell’s life sentence was not a violation of the eighth amendment and was in line with the state statute. In 2019 Russell was given life without parole after being found guilty of being in possession of over 43 grams of weed. Usually that conviction would carry a 3 year sentence but Russell was a habitual offender and given an enhanced sentence. He had previously been convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm and two separate charges of house burglary.

Under the Mississippi Code the Judge was required to give him a life sentence. Russell believed that the sentence violated his Eighth Amendment right, which would ensure his freedom from “cruel and unusual punishment.” He decided to appeal his sentence and in a split decision, 6 justices six justices upheld the trial courts ruling. They said that Russell received “the only sentence available.” “Because the trial judge followed the law. What do you think about this case? Leave your comment on the post!

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