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How you going to do the guy like this!! A woman in North Fort Myers was arrested after she stealing a car. Shala Whitford met a guy at the North Fort Myers Casino the night before. The next day the victim who happened to be driving his mom’s car, stopped to get gas. When the victim went inside to pay, Whitford who was in the passenger seat, slide over to the driver seat and took off.

The Cape Coral Police Department tracked down stolen car at another gas station and found Whitford with the stolen vehicle’s key fob in her pocket.

She was arrested and charged with grand theft of a vehicle.

[Source NBC2 News]

The Best Apps To Find CHEAPER GAS

As we’ve all noticed and our wallets have definitely felt, the price of gas not just in Tampa but all over the United States is rising day by day, so we’re trying to hook you up with ways to save a little money.

Here are some apps that will help you find gas at a better price.

  • 3. WAZE


  • 1. GAS BUDDY

The Best Memes About High Gas Prices

Gas has been going up not just in Tampa but everywhere!

Neither laughing nor crying will lower gas prices! While laugh is free, here are some of the best memes about high gas prices!

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