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This is not something you hear everyday but, a pilot for Southwest Airlines threatened to turn the whole plane around after a passenger was sending nudes via Air Drop.

In the video below the pilot was not playing around, & was ready to ruin everyone’s vacations. Check it out.

10 Driving-Distance Weekend Getaway Trips From Tampa

It’s true what they say, we live in paradise.

Not only do we love in paradise but we’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful locations that are driving-distance. While others have to hop on a plane to experience the fresh beach waters and sands, we just have to hop in the car to reach it; which makes for a fun weekend getaway!

  • Amelia Island

  • Sanibel & Captiva

  • Delray Beach

    Delray Beach

  • Palm Coast

    Palm Coast

  • Fort Myers

    Fort Myers

  • Marco Island

    Marco Island

  • Sarasota


  • Venice


  • Naples


  • Matlacha