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No Staring At The Club?

Club 77, in Sydney, Australia has implemented a “no staring” and I’m that this could be trouble for Tampa clubs.  With protection guards, in pink vests, to keep people from being harassed.  No Staring at the club?  While my cohorts like this rule, and New York clubs are watching the story, I have a big issue with this. Mainly because it’s been my go-to since college.  If we’re keeping it 100, I have children because of staring.  I stared up my ex, and it was the ice breaker.  All we need is a foot in the door and a good, non-creepy stare is gold!   Check out the video below and maybe you’ll understand that if you own a club, here in Tampa, we cannot go this far.  This could be trouble for Tampa clubs, seriously.  You’d miss this gem “I’m so sorry for staring!  It’s rude, I know.  You’re just so breathtaking that I couldn’t help it”. Yup.  You’re welcome.