If you haven’t been in the loop, Ray J went online exposing the release of him and Kim K’s sex tape this week. Ray J is accusing Momager, Kris Jenner of allegedly being part of the whole entire set up of the sex tape between Kim Kardashian and Ray J. He even went as far as saying Kris watched and orchestrated the videos and then picked which one they should use for distribution.

Kris Jenner recently did a video of her dancing allegedly showing she’s completely happy andΒ  could care less about the situation and Ray J’s accusations. As Ray J is still furious about them acting like Kris wasn’t part of it, he clapped back in the comment section of The Shade Room post.Β  Check it out here!!!

There are alot of opinions out there stating that the sex tape is what made Kim Kardashian become famous. However, Ray J seems to be the one getting the most heat and not getting as much praise for the tape. As this post shows, Kris Kardashian remains unbothered by the situation. What would you do if your Mom wanted to be in charge of orchestrating and distributing your sex tape?? Let us know on Twitter @wild941