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Today on my show we debated rather or not $50 Was enough to take a girl on a date in Tampa. I say it is, Kid Leoww says absolutely not. We took phone calls and the majority of people said no. We would like feedback on this. Do you know of a place where this is possible? I say you can go get some Publix subs and have a picnic. You know get creative. There was a girl who called in and said this was possible at Chili’s. What are your thoughts? Shout out to Creative Loafing! They put together a list of restaurants you can go to when you have $15 or less here in Tampa Bay. Below are the phone calls we took when we asked the question “Is $50 enough to take a girl on a date in Tampa?”


Best Happy Hour Spots In Tampa Bay

Need to unwind after a long work day? We put together a list where you can grab a drink for Happy Hour and some delicious food! Get together with your best friends at these great Tampa Bay spots with an affordable Happy Hour.