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Lizzo was in Tampa over the weekend, and her concert was everything! She preached about self love, positivity and how important it was to be yourself. Her concert was sold out but she made it an intimate experience. At one point during the show she started reading signs that fans had made. Lizzo read a sign from a lady named Yasmina Mathis, and Yasmina says making the sign was a great decision! Her son was the one who encouraged her to do it.

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The gift she had for Lizzo was a pair of sunglasses. Mathis owns a sunglass company right here in Tampa Bay called Yazzz shades . Mathis says that prior to Saturday, she planned on shutting the business down because sales were low. That all changed when Lizzo wore her shades on stage and gave her a shoutout. Below is the video from the concert when Lizzo wore the shades. Mathis also called into Babs’s show to talk about how Lizzo has motivated her to keep going, and that sales have increased.

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