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We have a Hurricane Ian food warning, for those who are fully stocked but lose power.  How long does your food have?  Better yet, what food doesn’t last as long?  First, we have to follow the rules for assistance in preserving the goodies.  For those who still have power, and who also have ice makers,  grab your largest, zip lock freezer bags.  This works better when you start before the storm, but it can still work.  This Hurricane Ian food warning can have a happy ending.

Fill each with ice, and keep repeating as your power allows.  Each filled bag, put into the freezer and let freeze solid. Once your power goes, put the frozen backs, on your perishables, inside the fridge.  Most importantly, keep the kids from opening the fridge.  Trust me, I have a 13 year old and 15 year old, so it’s almost impossible to keep them from standing and staring into the open fridge. However, if achieved, it’ll save your meats, cold cuts, etc. from spoiling.

What Food Has To Be Tossed?

First, know that the number to know is 40 degrees F.  Food above this number can spoil.  If the above was done, refrigerated food should be safe as long as the power was not out for more than four hours.  In addition, that fridge door has to remain shut according to the FDA.  If above 40 degrees, for more than 2 hours, follow the below steps for your safety.  So throw out or keep?


Sliced fruits – Out

Fresh fruit, whole/uncut – Keep

Fruit juice (opened) – Keep

Fruit in the can (opened) – Keep


Soft cheese (cream, cottage, queso) – Out

Hard cheese (swiss, parmesan, provolone cheddar – Keep

Processed cheese – Keep

Shredded cheese – Out

Eggs and Dairy

Hard boiled eggs (in shell), egg dishes, egg products – Out

Quiche (another Meredith classic) – Out

Milk, soy milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, sour cream, egg nog – Out

Butter, margarine – Keep

Open baby formula – Out

Pasta, Breads & Desserts

Pasta Salad, Cooked Pasta, Potatoes, Rice – Out

Tortilla, cake, muffins,  – Keep

Rolls, biscuits, cookie dough – Out

Cheesecake – Out

Pancakes, bagels, waffles – Keep


Leftover cooked meats/raw meats – Out

Ready made meats (hot dogs, deli meat, bacon) – Out

Pizza – Out

Previously frozen (thawing meat or chicken) – Out

Chili, Meredith’s casserole, soups – Out

Seafood – Out

For complete list of full grocery list, click here for list courtesy of FoodSafety.gov