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We did another round of Plead The Fifth but this time is different because Meredith has lost her voice after a long weekend. The guys didn’t ease up though! They asked her about how many people she’s slept with before getting married, if she’s ever seen a ghost and almost getting fired from a job. She grew up for a little while in St. Augustine and has some crazy stories about ghosts and weird happenings living in that area. Then Buck had a weird situation that happened during a sleep over growing up where he saw a chair turn around while everyone was asleep. He didn’t know what to do and couldn’t move. Of course, Davy doesn’t buy anything they’re saying about ghosts because he doesn’t believe in any of it. He thinks there’s an explanation for every event. Get ready to talk about sex, weird ghost stories and more on the next installment of Plead The Fifth!

She was very honest about everything even though she had a tough time talking today. You can watch the entire video below…

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