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Thanks God for Jon Stewart because finally the Jewish conversation gains clarity.  With the Dave Chappelle monologue, Kyrie and Kanye real conversation has been needed.  It’s truly unfair to lump Dave, Kyrie and Ye together, on this issue, because their differences are so vast.  Yet so many are doing just that.  There have been fans loudly wondering why certain, Jewish celebs have been quiet. Drake is close to all involved but had nothing to say.  Adam Sandler is another who’s been pointed out.  Personally, I was waiting for Wednesday night.  Jon Stewart chose his longtime friend, Stephen Colbert (of The Late Show/CBS-TV) to share his thoughts on the topic and he didn’t disappoint.  Finally the Jewish conversation gains clarity.

Conversation Wins Over Soundbites

Throughout this subject, we’ve continuously asked “why isn’t it acceptable to be wrong”?  There are people who believe the moon landing was a fake, Hollywood production.  Can’t convince them against it.  Should we cancel people for skepticism?  Is ignorance enough to uninvite you from the conversation?  Well it depends who you ask.  Alex Jones dug in deep on his claim that Sandy Hook was fake, and the victims were actors.  The fallout from that lawsuit is BIG.  I think the best answer is talk.  Talke to the wrong, the mislead, the unheard. Everyone put away cancel culture and exchange.  Enjoy the chat.  It won’t be over soon.