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Male daycare workers (gasp) became an big topic, on Friday’s show.  The quick backstory is that one of our audience members (Sarah) walked into daycare and what she saw gave he pause. Sarah spotted a male, working with the children.  It didn’t feel right to her but she didn’t make a scene.  What she did, which we love, is she wrote our Instagram.  The message simply said “I was totally caught off guard because I’d never seen this!”  Sarah then asked, “I’d love to hear from others.”  Well, apparently there are a few, who have had stellar experiences with male daycare professionals.  I’d say 10% of the calls.  That other 90% basically all shared some version of “nope”, “it’s a no for me” and the most popular “hell no!”  Is this as terrible as it feels to say out loud?  Many acknowledged that it’s a blatant double standard, but do you still feel the ickies with male daycare workers (gasp)? Check out this clip.

Shout Out To The Good Guys

While we all depend on our gut feelings, in our parenting, Psychology Today made an interesting point, in their July 2019 article.  The article spoke to how early children start to develop concepts of gender.  Therefore not having male representation skews that lesson a lot.  While this was a judgment-free space, I did ask the ladies what would happen if they told their significant other to go grab  the baby and he replied “isn’t that your job?” How great would that night’s dinner conversation be?  Isn’t this double standard the same thing.  Childcare is a “woman’s job”?  Of course it isn’t but if men aren’t allowed, it seems that’s the message.  Also it’s the unspoken lesson to these babies who only see women.