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Joseph Cook was using a metal detector at Hammock Beach in St. Augustine last month when he made this awesome discovery! He discovered a diamond ring!  Cook says when he first found it he thought it was just a nickel but then eventually saw it was a huge platinum diamond ring. He took it to a local jewelry store and they told him it was worth $40K.  Once he found out how much it was worth he put the plea out on social media to see if someone was missing a ring. He also asked local jewelry stores.

Two weeks later, Cook says he began getting calls from an unknown number. He eventually found the owners of the ring and they were a couple from Jacksonville. Cook met up with the couple and says they were super happy! Cook did the right think and he got good karma. Cook ended up finding another ring!

The Internet Is Focused On Powerball Conspiracy Theories

It was a strange series of events, and now Powerball conspiracy theories are taking over.

This morning, the winning numbers 10-33-41-47-56 and the Powerball was 10. According to USA Today, “the winning ticket was sold at a service center in Altadena in Los Angeles County.” That jackpot is for a record-breaking $2.04 billion dollars. But here’s how the conspiracy seemed to get started.  The California Lottery announced a delay. Specifically, at 11 pm it was announced that there was a “technical problem.” The drawing would be delayed.

After the drawing finally goes down this morning a winner is not named and the jackpot goes up. But wait, it doesn’t. A winner IS announced. In California. Someone in Florida also won some money for getting 5 numbers but not the Powerball. They did the Power Play thing so they got 2 million.

The main Powerball conspiracy theories seem to be focused on the idea that it was California that announced that extra time was needed. Then it was California that had a big winner. But I will dispel one theory about a deal with the state getting the tax revenue. California is one of 15 states that doesn’t tax lottery winnings. So that conspiracy theory has been disproven. Actually, all of these ideas — like most conspiracy theories — are pretty far-fetched. But they are entertaining.

  • The back and forth

  • What triggered people.

    One person on twitter complained, “California is the reason there was a delay with the drawing due to “security concerns” and “technical difficulties” and now someone in California won the #Powerball.”

  • Watch What Happens in the Video

    One commenter pointed out “Pay attention to the Powerball. On the last draw, they cut out the full video of the red powerball coming down the tube. If you look closely, all the numbers inside the pool stops, but when they zoom in, the numbers inside the pool still rolls.” I’m not sold on that, but many commenters also pointed out that the drawing was not shown live. Hmmmmm.