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Taylor & Beyonce fans will suffer at the hands of the evil empire.

Don’t take my word, take the word of Pearl Jam.  Remember a lifetime ago when Eddie Vedder and his band of brothers fought Ticketmaster?  You might not since it was 28 years ago but funny how now catches up with history.  The band sued against the monopoly that is effecting Swifties, The Bey Hive and their showtime at Raymond James Stadium.  2 million pre-sale were available for Taylor Swift, yet only a few fans got them.  Why?  Better yet, what does that mean for Beyonce and her Renaissance Tour for 2023?

The crystal ball says the exact same thing.  You’re not fighting a fair fight for your seats and the worst part is Ticketmaster knows it.  From the Pearl Jam lawsuit of 1994 to the current Justice Department investigation, you can count on more bs.  The reason is you have one Ticketmaster account, while scalpers (or “brokers”) have hundreds to beat you out of your seats.  If you truly want to know why Taylor & Beyonce fans will suffer, look at this clip from CBC News (Canadian Broadcasting Company).  Believe me, they know exactly why.

Wait, They Know About These Crooks?

Here’s a translation for what you may have skipped above.  If you only have one Ticketmaster account, you hold one place in line, for tickets.  One live, human space in line.  The professional scalpers, who do this internationally, hold hundreds of spaces.  Ticketmaster admits to knowing it and is aware that bots and mechanisms help these bad actors. This allows them to cheat you out of your seats.  Then they openly allow the ticket grabbers to hold those seats ransom.  Hence you $10,000 ticket price tags.  So for Ticketmaster to act as if they don’t know how or why this happened is laughable.  Then to act as thought it has to be investigated seems like it’s all for show.  This report of FOUR YEARS AGO, shows today could be 4 years ago or 1994.

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