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Even though she is happily married, sexy playboy model Sara Blake would love her chance with Tom Brady. Blake of Tampa said she would have to ask her husband for a hall pass to make a move however. New York Post says Blake has been fantasizing about a private huddle with Brady as he moves on from Bündchen.

So what would be her pick up line, Blake sas she would say  “I’d be like, ‘Hey, what’s up, good looking? I love your chiseled jawline and you have such a cannon, You know, ‘You’re the greatest quarterback of all-time … and screw Gisele.’ That’s what I would probably say.”  Blake has graced the cover of Playboy Norway this October and host’s a sports podcast called “Tip Drill With Sara Blake.”  Blake says she also loves Brady’s commitment to fitness. Do you think she has a shot? If she was single I would say yes. Not sure if Brady is into the whole hooking up with other peoples wives thing lol.

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