Orlando & The Freakshow

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Orlando & The Freakshow are on location for Orlando’s annual Toy Drive at the Westshore Mall. Even though they’re taking donations for the Children’s Home Network they’re still doing a full show including Plead the Fifth.

This time it was Orlando’s turn and Meredith wanted to know if there was anything that’s happened on the tower that he hasn’t discussed yet on-air. Buck had a desert island question and Davy wanted to know about conspiracy theories. Orlando did not hold back with most of his questions, but he did refuse to answer one! Can you guess which question that was? Watch the full video below to find out…

Best Soup Spots In Tampa Bay When You're Sick

When you’re sick there’s nothing more comforting then eating a nice warm bowl of delicious soup. Some people say chicken noodle soup is the best but if you’re looking for different options look no further. Here’s a list of Tampa Bay restaurants that serve the best soups! And best of all, most of them have a delivery service so you don’t have to leave your home.

Check out the list below…