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It was Davy’s turn for Plead The Fifth and the Freaks asked him every scandalous question that they could think of today. He was asked about his girlfriend cooking in comparison to his mother which could get him in trouble. But doesn’t tell her because he loves her too much.

Davy was also asked about threesomes, who he would back in a fight what his mother would think if he called her in an emergency.

Watch the entire video below…

Orlando's Toy Drive Shower Science

Listeners always want insight to the toy drive so we want to share the Orlando toy drive shower science. Without a functioning shower, 8 days atop a 35 foot scaffold can be a challenge. Add 80 degree days and emotionally charged hugs become a bigger challenge. However, with a few key products, and a trusted routine, O. is able to stay huggable and fresh. The toy tower doesn’t have running water, so the easiest things like brushing your teeth become a chore. You’ll also probably hear the words “Epic Wipes” a lot, during the drive because they’re a game changer for his freshness. It’s funny that while showering is popular, its the second most asked question behind “how do you go poo?” We’ll keep this fun, camping tutorial to Orlando’s toy drive shower science, and leave the rest for another time. lol.

  • Step 1 - Warm The Wipe

    wipe step 1
    As soon as I’m up, I open the package and lay out the wipe because they are crazy cold. Even though it may not “warm” is lessens the shock.  While you wait, you can gather your fit for the day or handle the teeth brushing.  I keep a room bottle of water, for that.

  • Step 2 - This Trunk is a lifesaver

    Trunk lifesaver

    While the wipe sits out, trunk time. This truck is my dresser, closet, desk, etc., and while my toiletries and needs rest on top, as seen, we can remove the stuff and grab gear for the day.

  • Showertime Numbers

    shower numbers

    When doing 8 days, I cant burn thru a bunch of my wipes, so every morning I maximize the usage with this numbering system.  I keep enough for 2 wipes per day, but this system works really well with keeping me clean and for keeping a surplus of smell goods, just in case Vida Guerra or Lupita Nuyong’o stop by to profess  their love.  Number system works like this.  1) Face 2)Ears/Neck 3)Chest 4)Arms 5)Underarms then flip and fold with one side serving my legs and the opposite side for my lower map of Manhattan.

  • Feels So Fresh

    Face First

    Face is always first with the aforementioned section 1. No dirt makes it to your face, and your get all the sleepies and crust off from a night of tent sleeping.

  • Hit Those Ears

    I ear you

    Ears are important, and neglected by many. No q-tip needed, dive in with wipe section 2.

  • Say It With Your Chest

    Chest Work

    Feel clean me with section 3, of your wipe. Still working with clean material so you’re winning.

  • When Done, Trash Only Sees This

    So Fresh So Clean
    Did my legs and undercarriage sans the cam shoot, since this is a family show, BUTT (lol) after your so fresh and so clean, you roll up your wipe, push it into the package and your trash is ready, when you add your bottle from the toothbrushing. Nice and neat.