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Even though the University of Florida has stopped short of banning students or staff from using Tik Tok, they are strongly discouraging it. In a letter on Thursday, UF’s Vice President Elias G. Eldayrie outlined his thoughts to the UF community.

He stated that the University is monitoring developments in regards to the app. He went on to say that “Prominent experts continue highlighting TikTok as a national security concern”. The VP stopped short of banning the app but it’s clear that the University is considering additional measures. He would like students and faculty to delete the app off their phones.

Other universities have done preventative measures similar to University of Florida. The University of Oklahoma and Auburn University were some of the first to outline their stance on the Chinese social media app. Eldayrie went on to say “treats the protection of UF data-academic records, research, financial information, and other sensitive, personally identifying information as an institutional priority.” Tik Tok is seen by many security experts as high risk and there is still the potential of the US government stepping in with added regulations. READ MORE