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Well, that didn’t last long. An Ybor City dispensary has stopped their sales of “magic mushrooms” after only one month due to safety concerns from the Florida Dept. of Agriculture. Chillum Mushrooms and Hemp dispensary was the first shop in the U.S. to sell “magic mushrooms,” and the first hemp dispensary in Tampa Bay.

Their shrooms did not contain psilocybin, the component that makes you “trip.” However, Chillium still advertised and sold multiple products that claimed that it would “still make you trip.” The Florida Dept. of Agriculture investigated in December due to their advertising claims. Turns out the mushrooms they used, Amanita Muscaria, was not a regulated product, according to News Channel 8. During the investigation, The FDACS found that “the psychedelic ingredients in the mushroom” might be poisonous. The investigation caused the Ybor dispensary to release a statement that said they were halting the sale of their magic mushrooms. Part of their statement read:

“Although these ingredients are legal by law they are not approved by the FDA as safe to consume. And that is where Chillum made their mistake.”

Despite being under investigation, founder and owner of Chillum Mushroom Dispensary, Calos Hermida, said FDCAS were “quite nice” about the situation. He stated “We don’t blame them for the stop sale. I think a testament to the fact that the Department of Agriculture was just doing their job is the fact that they let us send back all the product.

[Source: News Channel 8]