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We haven’t heard from J. Cole since May 2021 with the Album “The Off-Season”. He has stated in past tweets about an album “The Fall Off”. This goes as far back as 2019!  There’s also been rumors and hints that his next album will be called “It’s a Boy”, although there’s been no real confirmation on this. Is the “Fall Off” still in consideration? Will his next album be called “It’s a Boy” and then the album following that will be “The Fall Off”?

With J. Cole you never know what’s going to happen. He throws subliminal messages out all the time for us to try and break the codes. He also sometimes changes up his music release plans. We never really know exactly what he’s dropping, what it’s going to be called, or when he’s dropping until it actually happens.

Here’s some hints that J. Cole fans are pointing out that we may have an album coming from J. Cole sooner than later.

  1. He deleted everything from his Instagram. This is something he’s been known to do before he drops an album.
  2. His birthday is next Friday January 28th. 
  3. He just released “Procrastination (broke)” overnight.

Hopefully we get the album next week! Here’s the Procrastination (broke) track on YouTube. He actually just pulled this beat off YouTube after googling “J. Cole type beat”.

J. Cole – procrastination (broke) – YouTube