Last year, Orlando & The Freakshow told us how impossible it is to get a reservation at Bern’s Steak House. Looks like some people will have to wait even longer to enjoy one of Tampa’s most iconic restaurants. Bern’s Steak House is expected to undergo some serious renovations over the summer that will benefit both patrons and employees. This means the popular restaurant will be temporarily closed over the summer. The last day for service before the renovations start will be Sunday, July 2nd. That is, if you can get a reservation.

The closure is only expected to last about 2 weeks. The main changes that will be made are the lounge, kitchen upgrades, and expanded staff break area. The lounge is a focal point in the Bern’s experience and hasn’t seen an upgrade since 1998. The new reimagined lounge will have more room for seating at the bar as well as a new back bar display. The lead architect, Richard Zingale describes the new area: “The room will be surrounded with banquette seating that brings an upholstered softness to the lounge. Traditional and historical Bern’s references will be complemented with updated details utilizing a combination of natural wood tones and plush fabrics.

Even though Bern’s has been dishing out some of the most amazing cuisine, the kitchen could still use a little TLC. The remodel will upgrade custom-built Jade Range stoves to fit Executive Chef Chad Johnson’s needs.

Now I know we said it’s nearly impossible to get a reservation to Bern’s. But keep in mind that you can always take advantage of the Harry Waugh Dessert Room. You can usually get in there without a reservation, but it’s not guaranteed. You can make a reservation here. 

[Source: That’s So Tampa]