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I love Young Miami, but girl maybe you should have took this to the grave. Her podcast “Caresha Please”  always have interesting episodes. This latest episode is what everyone is talking about. She plays a game called Resha Roulette where the questions get spicy. I won’t get much into it, but watch the video below.

10 Cutest Rappers From Florida

Today on the radio, I had people call in and tell me who they think the cutest rappers from Florida are. Some on this list I agree with, others I don’t. I think my favorite one on the list is Plies. I spent a lot of time in Fort Myers where he is from. Never got a chance to officially meet him yet but he did come to one of my college basketball games. He is super cute and has a really nice smile.

Is there someone we should take off the list? Someone we should add? If so hit me up on Instagram at Wildbabs and let me know. Below are the 10 cutest rappers from Florida in no particular order.