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It’s never an easy task to try and get inside the mind of Kanye West. So much that the term “Kanye being Kanye” was made. So when you hear that he has abandoned his property you can’t help but wonder what the reasoning behind it is.

West was renting a Miami property and then abruptly stopped paying the rent. Surface Media LLC has been attempting to serve West since October 2022 over a space he was renting and then just stopped paying. They have been trying to serve him over the $145,000 in unpaid rent, but the elusive Mr. West has been difficult to track down.

Surface Media has hired Jonathan Smulevich to handle the case. He says that his client (Surface Media) was asked to transform the space which was an art studio, into a recording studio, and incurred significant expenses, which they claim West has failed to pay. He said “My client is simply asking for the payment they were promised by Ye for their hard work in customizing and renting this unique space to Ye. Hopefully, this matter can be resolved quickly without prolonged litigation. However, my client has made it clear that it will not bear the financial burden that belongs to Ye.”

Kanye’s former business manager Thomas St. John had similar problems with finding him after he issued a lawsuit claiming breach of contract.  Then Kanye later surfaced at a church. More recently, Kanye former legal team Greenberg Traurig was allowed by a judge to run ads dropping him as a client. They posted in two Los Angeles newspapers that they no longer will representing him, after they had no luck in tracking him down. They were representing him in his suit against Ultra International Music Publishing.

One thing is for certain, Kanye has alot of legal issues on the horizon. There is a long list of companies looking to get compensated from what they believe is wrong doing from Kanye. READ MORE