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A Florida man was arrested in Port Richey after he allegedly used a device to rig the gas pumps. He used a pulsar manipulation device to steal fuel. I didn’t even know these devices existed, I actually had to Google it to see what they even looked like. For those who have no idea what this device is, it’s basically a homemade pump used with 2 volt batteries. The device interferes with the fuel pump’s ability to measure how much gas it was dispensing.

The Tampa man, 36 year-old Raidel Borrego Cardoso, was literally caught in the act when authorities arrived. An investigator for the Florida Department of Agriculture got an alert about unauthorized access at a RaceTrac on US-19 at around 8 a.m. By the time police arrived, Borrego Cardoso was sitting in a truck at pump three. The same pump that detected the alert. Surveillance footage even shows Borrego Cardoso and another unknown person installing the device inside pump three.

We don’t know how much gas he was almost able to get away with. But now it’s going to cost him a lot more than your average gas bill to bail him out.

According to News Channel 8, officials said the truck the suspect was sitting in also had an illegal fuel tank in the truck bed. We don’t know what happened to the unknown person in the surveillance video, but Borrego Cardoso was arrested on multiple charges.

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