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A mom in New Port Richey was arrested recently for letting her 9 year-old behind the wheel, which led to a crash. Around 8:30p on Wednesday Amy Lee Kidd tried to teach her 9 year-old how to back out of a confined parking spot, something that can be hard to do for experienced drivers.

Surveillance shows her talking the child through the driver side window. As the child attempted to back out of the spot, the vehicle accelerated and crashed. The Pasco County mom was dragged by the vehicle before it crashed into a building. The good news is the child was not injured in the process. After her arrest, Kidd admitted to letting her child behind the wheel because of “a confined parking situation.”

We don’t quite understand why she let her child try to back the car out of the spot. Maybe because of the confined parking space, she couldn’t enter her car. We can think of so many different solutions to this problem before letting a 9 year-old behind the wheel.

Kidd was arrested for child neglect and permitting an unauthorized person to drive. ABC Action News first reported this story and even has images of the damage to the vehicle. Read more about it here.