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Florida has three of the deadliest roads in the United States and one is right here in the Tampa Bay. According to Find By Plate traffic data across the country, they found the most fatal roads to drive on.

The Florida roads with the deadliest traffic were U.S. Route 1, Interstate 4, and Interstate 95. The three highways stretch across multiple states and counties, but have big impacts on road safety in the Sunshine State.

Again, according to the Find By Plate study I-95 which goes from Miami to Maine is the 17th deadliest road in America. They said “accidents on this highway are frequently serious, involving multiple vehicles and high-speed crashes.”

Moving to a road a lot of us use is I-4. It’s the 3rd most deadliest road in the country and according to Find By Plate, has 1.4 deaths per mile. I-4 stretches 132 miles from Daytona Beach to Tampa. Find By Plate says “there are many rental car drivers on this stretch of road that are prone to distracted driving,” somewhat due to its run through Orlando, a “tourist hotspot.”

Florida is also home to the deadliest road in United States….. U.S. Route 1! U.S. Route 1 is  “a straight shot down the Sunshine State’s east coast, which encourages aggressive drivers to overspeed” and that the portion which connects Miami to the Florida Keys, the Overseas Highway” is difficult to navigate safely due to being made of a “number of ocean bridges.” [Source: Find By Plate]

Florida’s Top 10 “Deadliest Beaches” In America

Florida beaches are usually ranked by how beautiful they are but they can also be very dangerous. Travel Lens just put together a list of the deadliest beaches according to surf zone fatalities, shark attacks and the number of hurricanes making it the most dangerous to visit. Seven of the 10 beaches ranked are actually in Florida! See the entire list below…


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