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Meredith was in the hot seat this morning having to answer some scandalous questions about her life! The guy ask her three questions around the room that she has to answer or she can ‘Plead The Fifth’ and chose not answer. But the thing is, she can only use the plead once so if she uses it at any point she must answer the rest of the questions no matter how sexual or ridiculous. Playing this game can be difficult but she did a good job today! The guys asked about her bedroom antics, and who she thinks is better in bed Stiffy or Buckwheat.

Watch the entire video below!

7 Tampa Companies That Pay Over $35 An Hour

People are still moving to Florida due to low taxes and high job growth and one of the fastest-growing cities is Tampa Bay. Did you know that Tampa’s population grew by over 10% in the last decade and there’s still plenty of jobs to go around. Tampa offers a wide range of industries that are all hiring full-time jobs that pay over $35 an hour.

  • FBI - Special Agent

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation of Tampa is looking to fulfill multiple positions in cybercrime, counterintelligence, counterterrorism. With weekend availability and paid holidays off the salary is between $78,000 to $153,000. Apply HERE today!

  • Auto Body Technician

    Love working on cars and have auto body repair experience then this job might be perfect for you. Although this job is located in Spring Hill it’s worth a little drive to make $85,000 – $150,000 a year for their full-time position. Apply HERE to get started!

  • Public Storage - District Manager

    They’re looking for someone to manage physical assets including repair and maintenance systems and cleaning standards. You’ll need to oversee delinquent tenant processes including auctions by coaching your team to reduce delinquency rates and improve customer retention. This job starts at $109,000 for the first year, guaranteed bonus (paid quarterly), and restricted stock units. Apply HERE!

  • Structural Designer

    Moody Engineering, Inc. is looking for a talented,
    Structural Designer that will focus on design details , 3D models and point clouds. This company is offering a full-time position at $65,000.00 – $90,000.00 per year. Apply HERE!

  • U.S. Customs Border Patrol Agent

    Here’s what you’ll be doing as a Boarder Patrol Agent… Detecting, preventing, and apprehending undocumented noncitizens and smugglers of noncitizens at or near the land borders. You could be making $52,921 – $95,192 a year as a full-time employee with bonus incentives. Apply HERE!

  • Parks & Recreation Director

    As the Director you’ll be responsible for leading the Parks and Recreation department and will be paid between $105,177 – $115,695. Apply HERE!

  • Cardiovascular Technologist

    You’ll be assisting physicians performing procedures like catheterizations, interventions, electrophysiology and implants. If you have experience doing this and would love to work at Tampa General Hospital you could start making $70,000a year. Apply HERE!