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The thief is stealing the purse in the car

There’s a viral video of a Florida man flexing on camera as he watched as someone stole his car! He was at a gas station near FAMU on the southside filming a video showing off his outfit when a robber jumped in his vehicle and drove off. It all happened quickly and while he was recording a video for his social media. You can hear his friend’s going crazy in the background as everyone watched his car drive off with the robber.

Although this video is a little shocking it’s also lowkey funny because the guy was trying to show off. Watch the video below…

Here Are The Best Strip Clubs To Visit In Tampa

Tampa Bay is known for a lot of things like it’s beautiful beaches, theme parks and lovely weather but you can’t miss all the adult entertainment options. If you’ve ever driven around the Tampa Bay area you’ve absolutely noticed the slew of strip clubs you can chose from whether you’re lonely or need a fun night out with friends.

As a matter of fact, growing up in Tampa it’s normal to go out to a a strip club after the clubs instead of waiting for bachelor party or special event. One thing you’ve got to know before going is when hitting up a fully nude club you can’t buy alcohol inside. So make sure you check before going to your favorite spot.

If you’re looking for the best strip clubs for a fun night out check out this list below…